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for Automation, Control, Robotics, and IoT

ellentron takes on your R&D motion control, electronics, and software challenges and meets them with all the professional system architecture, development, and design support you need to fully realize your Automation, Robotics, Medical Devices, and IoT projects.

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What we do

ellentron brings high-tech companies the innovative electronics, software, motion control, and other solutions they need.

We assist your development, project management, and software teams to realize your unique vision.

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Our Solutions


Our team designs efficient and effective system architecture concepts for automation, robotics, medical devices, IoT, and more.

Servo Motion Control and Robotics

ellentron has extensive experience with the latest high-precision control and robotics technologies, and can develop diverse solutions for your applications.


Our team’s software development capabilities cover complex systems based on C#, .NET, Blazor, and other software platforms.

Motion Control and PLC Software

We develop software for different robotics and PLC applications, including Fanuc, Siemens, ACS, Control Techniques, ABB, and other systems.

Embedded Software for Microcontrollers

ellentron can provide efficient, effective, and reliable embedded software for various microcontrollers, and DSPs, from Texas Instruments and others.

Motor Control Development

We can provide specialized motor control development for microcontrollers and DSPs like the Texas Instruments C2000, Delfino, Piccolo, MSP430, and others.

IoT, Wireless Systems and Sensors

Our team can design and implement various IoT systems and wireless sensors for your complex applications.


Using our comprehensive experience, ellentron can design complex multidisciplinary electronic systems of many different kinds.

R&D Project Management

Small teams can benefit from our substantial successful R&D Project Management experience.


ellentron makes it possible for organizations to realize their R&D visions.

ellentron performs software development, electronic design, system architecture, and consulting for high-tech companies.

Our Main Fields

  • Automation
  • Motion Control
  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices
  • Internet of Things
  • And More


ellentron develops excellent software and electronics for Motions Control, Robotics, Medical Devices, Embedded Microcontrollers and delivers what the customer needs.

Built on a Foundation of Innovation and Experience

Danny Ellenbogen, ellentron’s founder, brings over 35 years of experience as an R&D manager and as an electronics and computer engineer. He’s accrued this experience at many levels, working for his own companies and independently for companies in multiple countries. Today, he and his team provide customers with the professional R&D services they need.

Since its founding, ellentron has developed a proven reputation for developing complex systems across different industries. This includes projects in robotics, motion control, automation, CT and X-ray systems, IoT, and further cutting-edge applications.

Unfailing Professionalism

ellentron is fully committed to the success of your team and its projects. Whether through software development, electronics design, system architecture, or other support services, ellentron brings high-quality solutions for the unique problems that your organization is facing.

Above all else, ellentron works with you to develop a professional relationship based on integrity and honesty. The team at ellentron can evaluate your needs and ensure that you’re getting a great solution that fits your requirements, schedule, and budget.

Wide Experience

ellentron’s development capabilities cover a wide range of electronics design areas and roles. Your organization can get professional support for R&D, system architecture, software development, and more. ellentron can provide support for complex projects where all of these elements are needed.

ellentron develops software for PC, Robots, and PLCs such as Fanuc, Siemens, ACS, Control Techniques, and ABB.

ellentron develops motor control and other embedded hardware and firmware for microcontrollers such as the Texas Instruments C2000 Delfino, Piccolo, and MSP430.

Working With ellentron

ellentron can provide R&D services to big or small companies. No matter the size of your project, whether you’re with a team at an established company or a start-up, ellentron can work with you to find a solution that works.

Check out our work

GXERRA - Robotic Cell for Precision Grinding

In this precision grinding robotic cells project we developed
· PC Control and GUI software
· Robot control software
· PLC software

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SpinGuard – IoT solution for protecting and monitoring motorized systems

In the SpinGuard IoT project we developed:
· Advanced wireless sensors electronics
· Embedded firmware for multiple microcontrollers
· Full stack Web server and client software
· PC Control and GUI software

X-ray Inspection Machines for the electronics manufacturing industry

For these X-Ray inspection machines, we developed most
· System electronics, control and software architecture
· Electronic modules
· Embedded, control and user interface software

Solder Paste Printers for the electronics manufacturing industry

ellentron has extensive experience with the latest high-precision control and robotics technologies, and can develop diverse solutions for your applications.

Medical Devices - Proton Therapy CT, X-Ray and Patient Positioning Robot systems

For these medical devices and instruments, we developed
· System electronics, control and software architecture
· Electronic modules
· Embedded, control and user interface software

“On the Fly” Glass Inspection and Handling systems

For these glass inspection and handling systems, we developed
· System electronics, control and software architecture
· Control and user interface software

Steps to success

Who ellentron
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Essential R&D Support for Tech Start-Ups and Established Companies

01 - Startups

Most start-ups don’t have all the required resources to handle all aspects of in-house development. ellentron makes it possible for start-ups to have expert development go into their projects.

02 - Established Campanies

Established companies’ development teams can also use our assistance. ellentron can provide the additional R&D support that your organization needs for filling in the gaps in your team.

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